Ambassador Opens Home to AFMDA Donors

Posted By : Leah Breevoort October 20, 2015

Consul General of Israel in New York Ido Aharoni opened his home to AFMDA on September 9 for a major donor reception. Over 50 guests attended.

This was Ambassador Aharoni’s last opportunity to address donors and thank them for their support before he ends his six-year term as consul general in New York. He opened up to those in attendance about the threat of a nuclear Iran to Israel and about the United State’s role in the “bad deal.”

AFMDA Chief Development Officer Eillene Leistner closed the evening by giving the latest news on this year’s campaign for the new, critically needed MDA national blood center. In addition to providing emergency medical services to Israel’s more than 8 million people, MDA also provides 97 percent of the blood for the Israeli people and all of the blood for the Israel Defense Forces. The new blood center will be built underground and reinforced against terror attacks, chemical warfare, and natural disasters such as earthquakes.

AFMDA Northeast Regional Director Gary Perl thanked everyone for their enduring support and leadership. “Without you and others like you, there would be no AFMDA,” he remarked. “Because of you, MDA medics in Israel are able to do their jobs, to save lives everyday.”

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