You can make miracles happen — on wheels.

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The Beacon Society

When you sponsor an ambulance for Magen David Adom, you’re giving the gift of life to Israelis in need of emergency medical care. It’s as if you’re sitting in the front next to the driver, sharing in the mitzvah of pikuach nefesh, saving a life.

To recognize this inspiring generosity, all ambulance sponsors are welcomed into The Beacon Society, an exclusive group that offers members:

  • Insider updates
  • Exclusive event invitations
  • VIP tours of MDA when you’re in Israel

Beacon Society members also have the knowledge that their gift is saving lives every day:

  • Whenever there’s an emergency call, for anything from car accidents to births, MDA paramedics jump into their ambulances and race to the scene.
  • When there’s a natural disaster or escalation of terror attacks, MDA can mobilize its fleet of more than 1,000 ambulances to the highest level of alert.
  • Every year, between 100 and 200 ambulances need to be replaced due to the wear and tear of daily use.
  • Since MDA is not funded by the government, they rely on supporters like you to maintain the ambulance fleet.

Contact your local office today for a confidential discussion about how you can sponsor an ambulance and join the Beacon Society.

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