Goodfriends’ 10th MDA Ambulance Marks Lifetime of Generosity

Posted By : Devick Sellam July 29, 2016
SE Region - Goodfriends 10th Ambulance

Audrey Goodfriend (center) and her husband, Leonard (at right), of blessed memory, with one of their 10 ambulances. Burt Goodman (at left), chairman of AFMDA’s Boca Pointe community, has inspired the Goodfriends and other residents to support MDA.

Over the last 25 years, Audrey Goodfriend and her husband, Leonard, of blessed memory, have sponsored enough Magen David Adom ambulances to honor most of their family members. The only exception has been Audrey herself. But that’s about to change.

At the urging of their two daughters, the Goodfriends’ 10th MDA ambulance will adorn Audrey’s name when it’s dedicated later this year in New York, where Audrey recently returned to live. Honoring Audrey seems fitting given that the Goodfriends are among a select group of donors whose ambulance donations have reached double digits. But while this feat of philanthropic support is significant, Audrey says achieving it wasn’t by design.

“Our intention was never really to give 10 ambulances,” she says. “But every time Israel got bombed, Lenny and I would look at each other from across the dinner table and say ‘time to give another ambulance.’”

The Goodfriends’ support of MDA initially began in New York, but their efforts really picked up steam 25 years ago, when they moved to Boca Pointe, a community in Boca Raton, Fla., where they met local chairman Burt Goodman. Seven of their 10 ambulances came through the Boca Pointe community and, together with Goodman, they inspired a legacy of giving among fellow residents.

“We never wanted the attention, but at the dedications, people would tell us that they decided to give an ambulance because of what we did,” Audrey says. “That’s very rewarding.”

For Audrey and Leonard (whose is memorialized on their ninth ambulance), helping Israel was a catalyst in their charitable giving, but they also wanted to impact the country in a tangible and meaningful way.

“We knew we wanted to do something, but we also wanted to see the results. And with the ambulances, we knew where our money went,” Audrey says. “I got a report once that one of our ambulances saved 5,000 people. Can you believe that?”

Now, with two daughters, four grandchildren, and four great-grandchildren as proud witnesses to Audrey and Leonard’s generosity, families in Israel will get a chance to grow and flourish, just as the Goodfriends have.

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