You can bless Israel by helping to save a life there.

Heart to Heart enables Christians to play a powerful role in saving lives in Israel by supporting Magen David Adom , Israel’s paramedic, ambulance, and blood-banking organization.

Because Israel periodically has been the target of wars and terrorist attacks, Magen David Adom has emerged as the world’s most experienced mass-casualty response organization in the world, and a leader in emergency medical services — much to the benefit of Christians, Jews, and everyone in Israel.

By partnering with Heart to Heart and making a gift to support its work, you’re blessing Israel, saving lives, and fulfilling the biblical mandate of Genesis 12:3.

When you support Israel through Heart to Heart, you are:

  • Saving lives in Israel.
  • Fulfulling a biblical mandate.
  • Making sure Magen David Adom has the emergency medical equipment and blood it needs.
  • Blessing Israel.

Support MDA’s life-sustaining paramedic and blood-banking services and give the gift of life.


Heart to Heart is a project of American Friends of Magen David Adom, a nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to saving lives in Israel for more than seven decades.