With heat wave set to hit on Yom Kippur, MDA is ready

Posted By : Lisa Batchelder September 22, 2015

fastWhile we fast and reflect during Yom Kippur here in America, Israeli EMTs and paramedics will be on high alert at Magen David Adom stations throughout the country, prepared to help those who may need emergency medical care during the holiday. With a massive heat wave expected to hit Israel during Yom Kippur, MDA advises those who are at high risk to seek medical advice before fasting.

In addition to an expected rise in emergency calls due to the heat wave, MDA paramedics are expecting the usual Yom Kippur emergencies: people who feel unwell during the fast and bicycle riders taking advantage of Israel’s empty streets who may get into accidents. Pregnant women who need to reach the hospital quickly will also benefit from the additional MDA services. In past years, an average of 2,000 people have needed medical assistance during the holiday. MDA regions are on high alert until Wednesday night.

In addition to coinciding with a heat wave, this year Yom Kippur comes as tensions rise over access to the Temple Mount and on the same day as the Muslim holiday of Eid el Adha. Extra police forces have been deployed to respond to any clashes that may erupt, as happened over Rosh HaShanah.

MDA paramedics are prepared to rescue any Israeli in need of emergency medical care on Yom Kippur and throughout the coming new year. You can be part of MDA’s lifesaving team by making a gift today.


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