When rockets are in the air, we need to protect
Israel’s most precious resource underground.

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The Campaign for Israel’s New National Blood Services Center

Our goal is to build the safest underground national blood supply facility in Israel’s history — for Israel’s future. By joining us for this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, you’ll make a difference in the lives of millions, becoming the sustaining force — the very lifeblood — of Israel.

Please help us make it a reality. Contact your local office to learn how you can join the campaign for Israel’s new blood center.


Today, Israel’s blood supply is facing a precarious situation:

  • The current center is vulnerable to Hamas’ and Hezbollah’s increasingly sophisticated rockets, which can now reach virtually any part of Israel.
  • The underground bomb shelter in the current facility isn’t large enough for employees and equipment to work in a protected environment during times of conflict.
  • The center is vulnerable in the event of a chemical attack and was built prior to today’s earthquake protocols.
  • Israel’s population has nearly doubled since the current blood center was built in the 1980s, requiring more blood units and straining the capacity of the facility.
  • There isn’t room to expand, precluding MDA from upgrading the current facility to meet current and future blood needs.
  • There’s limited access and parking for bloodmobiles and other large vehicles that deliver blood and other critical resources from the field.
  • There’s inadequate blood storage for larger blood-supply requirements.


A secure blood supply. Pulse of a people, lifeblood of a nation.

The new blood center, estimated to cost $100 million, must be built now to ensure the safety and security of the nation’s blood supply.

  • Key blood processing and storage areas will be reinforced and located underground to protect the blood supply in the event of rocket attacks.
  • It will meet the latest standards for protection against earthquake-related damage and chemical warfare.
  • The new blood center will be located in Ramla, in central Israel, for easy highway access to all the nation’s hospitals.
  • It will be large enough to meet today’s blood demands, and tomorrow’s.

Contact your local office to learn how you can join the campaign for Israel’s new blood center.

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