Magen David Adom Volunteer Receives Award for Exemplary Contribution to Society

Posted By : Lisa-Michelle Kucharz February 8, 2017

Magen David Adom Volunteer Bedouin Female

Congratulations, Magen David Adom volunteer Lina Azbarga, for receiving Israel’s Ministry of Education Volunteer Award for exemplary contribution to society!

Lina has volunteered with MDA for three years, and she is the first female Bedouin MDA youth volunteer to receive this award. Lina lives with her family in Kuseifa, a Bedouin community between Arad and Be’er Sheva. Two of her brothers are MDA volunteers, as well as her father, who is the community’s MDA volunteer coordinator.

“Lina’s contribution to MDA is highly appreciated,” said Eli Bin, MDA director-general. “I hope more high school students — from all parts of Israeli society — will follow her lead and join MDA. The contribution and daily involvement of MDA volunteers is significant and saves many lives in Israel. I thank Lina and her fellow volunteers for their devotion and invaluable contribution.”

“I’m so proud of my children,” said Chasin Azbarga, Lina’s father. “Lina balances her studies, volunteering with MDA, and giving back to the community. I support her and her decisions without limits.”

Magen David Adom Beduoin Female Volunteer“While volunteering, I’ve had a variety of experiences, including assisting with delivering a baby in an ambulance. The mother was very happy to see a female Bedouin volunteer helping her. I held the newborn baby until the ambulance arrived at the hospital. It was very emotional. Volunteering with MDA has helped me build my self-confidence and given me the opportunity to help people. I plan on attending university and studying to become a paramedic. Even after my studies, I intend on continuing to volunteer with MDA, because it’s important for me.”

We thank Lina for her service to MDA and Israel, and we extend her our best wishes for much continued success.


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