MDA campaigns in memory of Ari Fuld z’L in Los Angeles and Chicago

Posted By : Devick Sellam October 17, 2018

Two, separate, grassroots campaigns to sponsor MDA ambulances in honor of Ari Fuld z’L have launched in Chicago and Los Angeles. Both are looking for support from around the country to realize their goals.

Ari, a 45-year-old father of four, was murdered by a Palestinian terrorist on September 16 in Efrat.

A man of integrity, passion, and courage, Ari was widely admired for his love of Israel and advocacy on its behalf. He was known to never back down from a fight when he knew he was in the right. And even in his last moments — after being stabbed — he bravely ran after his attacker and prevented even more bloodshed.

Like the MDA heroes who always run toward danger, so did Ari. The MDA ambulance campaigns seek to properly memorialize him by dedicating vehicles that will go out and save lives every day in his name.

Los Angeles Next Generation Leadership Campaign: www.saving-lives.afmda.org/arifuld

Chicago-area Campaign for Ari Fuld: www.facebook.com/donate/2295106214056186/


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