MDA High School Volunteer Amanda Klestzick Helps Deliver Baby on First Shift

Posted By : Lisa-Michelle Kucharz July 20, 2017
Magen David Adom Overseas Volunteer Amanda Klestzick from New Rochelle, New York could never have imagined her very first shift would end with the delivery of a baby!

Amanda shared her thoughts about the extraordinary experience:

Everyone expects their first day to be boring. I know I definitely was ready for at least an unexciting first call. This is what I was thinking as I got into the ambulance for my first shift as a ma’ar, first-aid responder. Our first call was to pick up a pregnant woman and take her to the hospital. We were told that she still had time and would make it to the hospital. We eased her into the bed and into the ambulance and off we went. Fifteen minutes in, her contractions were long and very close together, and we knew she wasn’t going to be able to wait until we arrived at the hospital. This is where we stepped in to help. We prepped for the birth and took out the birthing kit. Not too long afterwards, sure enough there was crowning, and right after out came the baby! It was a beautiful event to witness, and I will never forget my first ever shift with MDA.

Magen David Adom Overseas Volunteer Amanda KlestzickAlthough I was fortunate to have such an amazing first experience, this isn’t my favorite part of MDA. The reason I look forward to coming to work day after day at the break of dawn is because of the welcoming and friendly group of workers that greet me and work with me every day. I knew that the language barrier would make volunteering a challenge, but the people at MDA create a nice environment in which I can grow, learn, and enjoy. When I wanted to learn more about the ambulances, the paramedics were happy to answer all my questions. And when we are having a slow day at the station, it is never boring, because I can always talk to all the other volunteers about their past experiences or life in Israel and anything in between.

My favorite day with MDA was a week and a half into my volunteering. There were no particularly exciting or difficult cases on this day but, it stands out for me, because on this day I felt in control. My ambulance crew consisted of me, a volunteer driver, and two other high school volunteers. I had been volunteering the longest out of the high school students, so I was the unofficial number 2 of the ambulance. I taught the others how to check the ambulance properly and, when we received our calls, they all looked to me for direction. I took charge of the tablet and helped them with checking the vitals. I was proud that I was able to take on this role after being the follower in my previous shifts. I was able to prove to myself that I was learning and really contributing in a meaningful way! It isn’t the importance of a call or the difficulty of a challenge that determines your role, rather it’s one’s approach towards every call that will create a meaningful MDA experience.

Thank you to Amanda and to all of the Magen David Adom Overseas Volunteers who make a profound difference by helping MDA save lives in Israel!

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