MDA Inaugurates 500th Medicycle

Posted By : Devick Sellam February 6, 2018

MDA inaugurated 14 new Medicycle — including its 500th — in a festive ceremony at its Tiberius medical station on January 17. The newest Mediycles will be deployed to northern Israeli regions, including the Golan Heights, the Galilee, and the Jordan Valley.

Medicycles are specially designed motorcycles that shorten valuable emergency response time by weaving through hard-to-navigate places in Israel — such as congested highways and narrow streets — ahead of incoming MDA ambulances.

AFMDA National Board Member Barry Feldman (pictured, at right) was the first American to sponsor a Medicycle in 2013.

“To me, saving lives in Israel means we should try almost everything,” Feldman said. “These vehicles are amazing innovations, and I’m especially proud that so many other people are answering the call.”

By the end of 2018, MDA expects to have approximately 700 Medicycles in operation to compliment its fleet of 1,100 ambulances.

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