MDA Launches New App to Improve Response Times and Medical Assistance

Posted By : Rob Rosenthal November 23, 2016

reporty-photo-taking-hires-v001Magen David Adom released a new smartphone app that will not only make it easier for people in Israel to summon medical help, but also allow them to instantly provide the ambulance dispatcher with crucial information, such as the patient’s medical history and a live video feed from the scene.

Magen David Adom EMTs will be able to use this information to make crucial and potentially lifesaving decisions, such as whether to dispatch a Basic Life Support Ambulance or Mobile Intensive Care Unit, an all terrain or armored ambulance — or even one of MDA’s two Medevac helicopters.

The groundbreaking app features:

  • The ability to summon Magen David Adom with one touch.
  • Instant geolocation, so that MDA EMTs handling the call immediately know where the caller is, an important consideration when people are injured in car accidents and aren’t sure where they are, when hikers or cyclists are injured, when the patient is disoriented from his medical condition, or the caller is a tourist unfamiliar with the area.
  • The ability to see on the phone’s screen where the ambulance and first-responders are, track their progress as they rush to the scene, and provide the caller with the projected arrival time.
  • The ability to preload crucial medical information about family members, including pre-existing medical conditions and medicines everyone is currently taking, all of which is kept confidential from MDA until such time that an emergency medical call is placed to the organization. This is particularly crucial when dealing with patients with medical issues, such as a heart condition, high blood pressure, seizure disorders, severe allergies, diabetes, or asthma.
  • The ability to provide MDA with a live video feed of the scene using the phone’s camera. This enables MDA personnel to make medical decisions based on what they see about the condition of the patient, the extent and nature of any injuries, and immediately provide over-the-phone lifesaving instructions to the caller. In addition, by viewing the scene and evaluating potential security risks, MDA can determine whether medics need to arrive wearing protective gear, such as anti-chemical and smoke filters or the flak jackets and helmets every MDA ambulance carries.
  • In addition, in times of potential danger to the caller or the need for discretion, the app enables users to contact MDA silently via text messages.


“The development of this app is not only about MDA’s ceaseless efforts to respond to medical emergencies more quickly,” said MDA Director-General Eli Bin, “but also to provide a better response — with as much information about patients and their medical conditions when we arrive to ultimately ensure the best outcome.”

But the app also enables the information to flow in the other direction, Bin points out, providing crucial knowledge to the caller, such as when the ambulance will arrive and enabling dispatchers to talk the caller through performing chest compressions.

The My MDA app also encourages users to donate blood by providing the nearest blood collection site, alerting when and where the next blood drive will be, and by cataloging past donations.

“In this era of unpredictable and unprovoked attacks, time has become even more precious to saving lives,” Bin said. “By tirelessly improving our training and technologies, we can help keep more Israelis alive and their families intact.”

The application can be downloaded via Apple’s App Store and from the Google Play Store for Android smartphones.

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