MDA returns to Nepal after second earthquake in 17 days

Posted By : Leah Breevoort May 13, 2015

Before MDA could recall its last paramedic from Nepal, the country suffered another earthquake, killing more than 40 people. That’s why additional paramedics are headed back to Kathmandu to evacuate Israeli newborns. They’ll also continue to offer urgently needed supplies, such as blankets, electrical chargers, and cooking supplies, as the situation shifts from a medical crisis to one involving long-term housing needs. The delegation is set to leave at 8:45 a.m. EST and includes a neonatologist, ER nurse specializing in premature babies, and MDA paramedics.


After the first earthquake MDA evacuated 23 Israeli babies, and now they are returning to evacuate four more.

As the ground began to shake on Tuesday during the 7.3 magnitude earthquake, the parents of the newborn babies took their children from the hospital and ran into the streets. Afraid that the buildings could still collapse, the babies are currently being held in a heated van outside. The mothers are all safe and in stable condition.

Magen David Adom Director General Eli Bin said the MDA team would depart as soon as possible to retrieve the families and deliver more supplies. “MDA is in contact with the foreign and interior ministries as well as local officials in the disaster area,” Bin said. “The team is ready to leave and will bring the babies back as soon as we receive the necessary approvals from Israel and Nepal.”

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