MDA teams respond to rioting in Tel Aviv

Posted By : Leah Breevoort May 4, 2015

On Sunday evening, MDA teams were deployed in response to a violent protest in Tel Aviv. The rally, in support of the Ethiopian community against police brutality and racism, remained peaceful for hours before turning into a veritable war zone.

MDA dispatched 25 ambulances, along with medicycles and Mobile Intensive Care Units and treated more than 30 people.

MDA dispatched ambulances and medicycles to treat more than 30 people injured during violent protesting in Tel Aviv.

Protesters hurled rocks at police officers who responded with stun grenades and water cannons. Using state-of-the-art tracking software, MDA staff at the Command and Control Center were able to identify the 25 closest emergency vehicles and deployed them to the scene. MDA teams, riding both ambulances and medicycles, treated police officers, protesters, and bystanders for mostly mild injuries. More than thirty people in total received care from MDA medics.

For more information on what sparked the protests that occurred in both Tel Aviv and Jerusalem, click here.

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