MDA’s Ido Rosenblat named “CIO of the Year”

Posted By : Matt Sloan February 15, 2019

Kiryat Ono, Israel (February 14, 2019) — Ido Rosenblat, who oversees technology for Israel’s national emergency medical services organization, Magen David Adom, was one of six people honored today by the Israeli tech magazine and website Anashim Veh Machshevim, “People and Computers,”at its Chief Information Officer of the Year Awards.

The award carries additional prestige in a country like Israel that’s renown for its high-tech startups.

Under Rosenblat’s oversight of tech operations, Magen David Adom has continued to add capabilities to what is now regarded as the world’s most sophisticated ambulance dispatch system. The system can instantly geolocate a caller, including almost all cell phone callers, and simultaneously dispatch to the scene of a medical emergency an ambulance and the five nearest first responders. The system can also handle a virtually unlimited number of multi-casualty incidents, an important consideration for a country that’s found itself in the crosshairs of rockets and missile attacks on two of its borders.

Developed in-house by MDA, the dispatch system’s technology is now being licensed by the Philippine Red Cross and is being evaluated by other EMS organizations around the world for their use.

Magen David Adom has also developed a consumer smartphone app that enables users to call for an ambulance with the touch of a single button, preload personal and family medical information into the app so that EMTs have the patient’s medical history when they arrive, the patient can instantly be geolocated, and dispatchers have a live video feed of the scene. The live feed is important because it allows EMTs to make better-informed decisions, such as whether to dispatch a Basic Life Support ambulance, a Mobile Intensive Care Unit ambulance, or even a Medevac helicopter.

First-responder and hospital apps developed by the organization also enable EMTs to forward medical and diagnostic data ahead to emergency room doctors while the patient is still in the ambulance en route to the hospital.

“This award is a recognition of Magen David Adom’s efforts to not only have the best-trained medics anywhere,” said Eli Bin, MDA’s director-general. “But to additionally provide them with the most advanced technologies — to reduce response times and provide them with more information to do their jobs even better and save even more lives.”




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