MDA’s Nachman Levi’s Quick Response Saves Little Girl

Posted By : Devick Sellam December 21, 2016

MDA’s Nachman Levi, with Nuya Hallel and her grateful mother, Rivka.

When Magen David Adom’s Nachman Levi arrived at the scene of a motorcycle accident this past Sunday, he wasn’t expecting that the life he would save would be that of a toddler girl.

Levi had started treating the motorcycle driver when, suddenly, a man darted out of a nearby home with a baby in his arms after noticing the red lights of the MDA ambulance. The man flagged down Levi and brought him the little girl — Nuya Hallel — who was choking on a piece of cheese. The girl’s mother mother, Rivka, stricken with panic, was unable to help her.

Levi sprang to action, leaving the less-severely injured motorcyclist to immediately attend to little Nuya. Within seconds, he successfully extracted the piece of cheese and Nuya was breathing again. Levi then ordered a second ambulance to bring her to a nearby hospital for observation. She has made a full recovery.

“I want to say thank you with all my heart,” Rivka later said. “I do not know what I would have done if Nachman had not been with us. He was very calm and reassured me, and it is very important in these kinds of situations to feel that kind of support.”

While Levi’s quick-thinking and rapid response saved Nuya’s life, he modestly credits other forces for helping him perform his lifesaving work.

“There was a great miracle that we were in the right place at the right time,” he said.

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