New Collaborations Between MDA and the Philippines Red Cross

Posted By : Devick Sellam June 1, 2018

The Philippines is a country with a series of risks that require intensive activity of skilled medical and rescue forces. Deadly typhoons, active volcanoes, severe earthquakes, and armed conflicts are only some of the hazards Filipino citizens face, as the country is considered to be disaster-prone.

Magen David Adom and the Philippines Red Cross began collaborating following Typhoon Haiyan more than three years ago, during which MDA personnel trained members of the Philippines Red Cross in the Israeli model of emergency medicine, and as as EMT instructors and mass casualty incidents (MCI) trainers. Subsequent to those joint exercises, the chairperson of the Philippines Red Cross, Senator Richard Gordon, the head of the Philippines Red Cross’s EMS Mr. Von Ryan Ong, and regional director of Asia and Europe of the American Red Cross, Ms. Margaret Stansberry, recently visited Magen David Adom to further enhance their EMS and EMT abilities.

During his visit, Senator Gordon and his team visited MDA stations in Petah Tikva and Jerusalem, MDA’s National Blood Services Center, its national operations center in Kiryat Ono, and the organization’s paramedics training center in Ramat Gan. In addition, Senator Gordon participated in a meeting of MDA’s executive committee and expressed his great admiration for MDA’s employees and volunteers, their dedication and professionalism, as well as the technology MDA develops in order to save lives.

“The Philippines Red Cross considers Magen David Adom to be the ultimate model for improving our emergency services,” Senator Gordon said. “We thank Magen David Adom for hosting us and for the fruitful cooperation, since the beginning of the relationship between the organizations, we see an improvement in the services we provide our citizens, and look forward to future endeavors that will continue to improve our medical emergency services.”

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