Random violence. Daily stabbings. Sirens blaring.

Posted By : Leah Breevoort October 28, 2015

Aaron Berman, an MDA Overseas Volunteer from Michigan, helped save lives working on the ambulance his bubbie and zayde Minnie (z’l) and Sam Berman sponsored.

Since 1967, the people of Michigan have provided over $38 million to equip MDA with
300 ambulances, paramedic training scholarships, Medicycles, medical equipment,
and so much more.

As terror attacks continue across Israel and MDA’s heroic medics run toward danger
to save lives, you can make a difference, everyday, in the lives of so many.

Please make your commitment today. Todah rabah, thank you!

MDA needs 30 Medicycles and 100 ambulances. For sponsorship information,
please contact Cari Immerman, Midwest Regional Director, at 1.877.405.3913
or Cimmerman@afmda.org

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