Say “Thanks” to MDA’s First Responders on National Paramedic Day!

Posted By : Devick Sellam June 25, 2018

Magen David Adom paramedics redefine the word “heroic” every single time they flip on the siren and race toward the scene of a terrorist attack or a fire, putting strangers’ lives before their own.

So today — on Israel’s First National Paramedic Day — we’re hoping everyone in the MDA community will take just one moment to thank our paramedics for the brave and compassionate work they do every day.

Please, will you sign our card to tell our paramedics how grateful we are for their selflessness and their service?

One hour, they’re performing CPR — allowing someone’s father to begin breathing again. The next, they’re coaching a woman giving birth — helping her become a mother.

Today, and every other day, they should know how thankful we are for their sacrifices and their courage. Please sign our card right now to honor MDA’s paramedics on Israel’s National Paramedic Day

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