GOVERNING: What America Can Learn From Israel’s Emergency Responders | By Mark D. Lebow

Posted By : Lisa-Michelle Kucharz January 25, 2017
An innovative app is just one example of the power of public-private collaboration to save lives.

AFMDA Chairman Mark D. Lebow - MDA IsraelEvery child learns at an early age what to do in an emergency. Before anything else, we’re taught to pick up the phone and dial 911 because we know that means help will soon be on the way.

We call 911 during the worst moments of our lives. But what happens if we’re too overwhelmed to communicate important details? If we can’t speak for fear of being discovered by an intruder? If we don’t know how to direct the operator to our location?

These are problems that everyone from small-town police chiefs to the chairman of the Federal Communications Commission have been trying to solve for decades. Text-to-911 capabilities — among other “next generation” emergency-response communications — are becoming more common, but change is coming slowly for emergency systems that operate differently in every community in America and that are overwhelmingly unable to keep up with rapid advancements in personal technology.

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