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The Latest News from Magen David Adom


MDA To Open Israel’s First Breastmilk Bank

MDA’s National Blood Bank recently announced that it will soon open Israel’s first breast milk bank to allow nursing mothers to donate surplus milk for babies who do not have access to it. There are approximately 500 milk banks around the world, but this will be the first one in Israel. It is scheduled to […]


MDA Inaugurates 500th Medicycle

MDA inaugurated 14 new Medicycle — including its 500th — in a festive ceremony at its Tiberius medical station on January 17. The newest Mediycles will be deployed to northern Israeli regions, including the Golan Heights, the Galilee, and the Jordan Valley. Medicycles are specially designed motorcycles that shorten valuable emergency response time by weaving […]


Raziel Shevach, MDA Volunteer First-Responder, Killed in Drive-By Shooting

Today, the men and women of Magen David Adom lost a brother. Raziel Shevach, a Magen David Adom volunteer first-responder and senior EMT who was recently honored for his lifesaving response to a terror attack, was himself killed in a drive-by terrorist shooting just outside Havat Gilad, where he lived in Samaria. Raziel was driving […]

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