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The Latest News from Magen David Adom


Magen David Adom Treats and Evacuates Victims of Sunday’s Terror Attack in Jerusalem

Magen David Adom was the first on the scene at Jerusalem’s Armon Hatnaziv promenade on Sunday, swiftly treating and evacuating victims of the terrorist truck ramming attack that killed four young Israel Defense Forces soldiers. Within minutes of the attack, MDA paramedics and EMTs — arriving on ambulances, Mobile Intensive Care Units, and Medicycles — […]


Magen David Adom Make a Wish Ambulance Initiative Fulfills Yotam’s Dream of Riding a Helicopter

Yotam Cohen is fighting leukemia which requires him to spend months on end in the hospital. With every landing and take-off, Yotam eagerly watches the hospital’s helicopter pad from his room. Last week, the Magen David Adom Make a Wish Ambulance, along with a paramedic and EMT, brought Yotam and his family to the airport […]


Magen David Adom Operating at Full Capacity in Judea and Samaria

Magen David Adom is providing full emergency medical services to all Israelis in Judea and Samaria, after the Israeli Health Ministry said it would work to secure the funding needed to cover the additional costs of MDA operating there. “The Health Ministry has assured us that it will work toward a solution to this ongoing […]

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