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The Latest News from Magen David Adom


Vice News: MDA’s Aron Adler On Carrying the Weight of An Entire Country on His Shoulders

Magen David Adom’s Aron Adler spoke to Vice News about his life as a paramedic responding to dozens of terrorist attacks in Jerusalem.


MDA on the Scene of Jerusalem Bus Bombing

Magen David Adom ambulances, Medicycles, paramedics, and EMTs were first on the scene of Monday’s bus bombing in Jerusalem. MDA emergency responders treated scores of injured Israelis and evacuated 16 of them — one in critical condition — to nearby hospitals. Officials said the terrorist attack was caused by an explosive device placed on the bus. The bombing happened during afternoon rush hour […]


MDA Launches World’s First Emergency Mobile Video App

In an effort to “see” the scene of an emergency and dispatch the most appropriate vehicles and personnel faster, MDA recently partnered with Israeli startup Reporty Homeland Security to launch the world’s first mobile video emergency app. MDA’s use of new technology gives dispatchers and civilians the chance to save even more lives simply by […]

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